Feeling Inside a School

Article one: school seasoning bottles
Blink of an eye, I just entered the school from the first grade when the “silly” girl, now the girl who is about to leave the school, there are some reluctant! In six years of campus life, I tasted the ups and downs, not only learned the knowledge, but also felt the friendship between friends, experienced the teacher’s hard work, understand the teacher’s teachings, understand the truth of life … Now, I Share my seasoning bottle with everyone!
Really, in these six years, I also tasted a lot of sour! From the first grade, I have two good partners, of course, they are also my competitors. Every time we test, we are going to be better at results. This is not because I calculated the wrong total of three questions on the third place, lower than the two of them, I can not feel sour.
On campus, tasted the most is sweet. why? Because in the campus, can learn a lot of knowledge, but also to make many friends. I made a good friend – Chen Yuanyuan. At school, I studied with her. After school, we played together, returned home, met the Austrian numbers that we would not know, how happy we can be together!
Bitter taste
Upcoming exams, learning to tense up. More and more students outside the home, please tutor, the school teachers at the expense of their own precious time and we work together. To make up more than 5:00 every day to go home, there are so many homework to do, really “bitter” do not hit a!
Spicy, often filled in every corner of the campus, I often have similar events around. Take the morning math class! Tube teacher let us do papers, my desk at the same time suppress my papers, do not write to me. I am angry, then took his papers a snatched, the “Zhou Shengyan” changed “Lu Wenting.” Zhou Shengyan said: “You wait for me!” Then I put my papers together into a ball, I also replied with teeth, the original belongs to me, but he was suppressed by the test paper into a ball, so, what about me, Our papers have become a group of “rubbish.” Of course, we both naturally were shouted by the teacher to the office to “drink tea” again!
Recalling the 6 years time, really feeling very much!
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Chapter II: Wisteria flowers on campus
My alma mater is located in Fuxing Road, Zeguo, although not large, but very beautiful.
In the left two sides of the second floor, Wisteria rack full of wisteria flowers, beautiful.
Wisteria flowers bunch string, hanging from the branches, like a full frame of grapes. Wisteria flower petals are beautiful lavender, purple paints seem to be decorated up artist. The flowers overlapped in circles, each time the breeze blows, like a string of purple campanulas, shaking their lovely little face, exuding an intoxicating scent and telling their own thoughts. And like the numerous green splashes of purple spray, really can not describe its beauty.
Wisteria flowers that green and green rattan criss-cross, like a different length of the long rope. There are many rattan top tip antennae, stretched out to the shelf, like the weeping willow green silk sash, the United States very much!
Looking up, wisteria leaves green drops, like a verdure like emerald, this is another exquisite picture. Look closely at the leaves, oval body, wearing green clothes, really like a fat, cute little doll. Coupled with spotted little Japanese shadow, it is even more vibrant. Autumn is coming, and the fallen leaves fall from the shelves. With the light autumn wind, the withered leaves dance like butterflies and dance straight on the ground. Dancers like the dancers slowly dance and dance beautifully. Yellow boat, floating in the air … intoxicating, fascinating!
Ah, wisteria, beautiful wisteria, like a wind chime, breeze blowing, waves of crisp sound, as if always ringing in my ears. I love wisteria!
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Article three: the tree in the campus
Close the homework, put down the pen in his hand, looked up and looked out the window. The first thing that catches your eye is a verdant verdure that suddenly vanishes and exhausted.
I always like to do this, while I’m tired of studying heavy, and let go of my work and look out of the window at the same tree. Looking at trees seems to be a spiritual pleasure compared to boring studies. It not only allows me to temporarily get rid of the shackles of my homework, but more to teach me some truth and revelation.
Compared to other trees, this tree seems to seem too common. The same leaves, the same branches and trunks. It is not as fruitful as pomegranate fruit, nor as sweet as sweet-scented osmanthus flowers. In the spring, when it pulls out new branches and leaves and desires people to stop and wait and see, it is only a matter of disdain; in summer, Ren Yu plays banana and it looks weak and weak. In the autumn, the north wind blew and yellow the green leaves, It will be the harshest test for the rest of the year. In winter, the outside is cold, leaving only the bare tree trunks, losing the glitzy look of the exterior. It looks a little discredited and silent in the snow. However, in any case, it is still standing in that quiet, not be disturbed by the secular noise, always maintain the share of quiet and indifferent. Any time invaded life, but it still grows with a positive and upward attitude. Silence adds a landscape to the school. It uses its actions to explain to people the true meaning of life: it is not about the outward appearance of that layer, but rather a quiet, indifferent mentality in a certain corner of their own due diligence.
Static is a state of life, like mountains, like land, like crops, lakes and oceans, which have been proved in more permanent lives than human beings. Its unscrupulous character and self-standing means of survival are the most Good proof. Introversion is more permanent and more powerful.
Very much hope that he is a tree, Shou-static, sunny, safe, sensitive nerve endings, touching the clouds and breeze, steal joy. Stepping foot under the most humble soil, it is very practical. Also, every day in secret growth.
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Four articles: Ash tree on campus
Into the campus, the playground grows on both sides of a tall tree Ash, it is like my good companion, accompanied me to spend a good time.
Spring came, the first of the Ash tree on campus grew green leaves, a small piece of a small piece of ornament on the branches, looks very, very beautiful. After a while, branches grow slowly between the Sophora japonica, snow white. Ashley campus full of trees full of Sophora japonica, a bunch of clusters, clusters, clusters, so dense, so many. Looked at that string of favorite fragrant scent of Sophora japonica is like a bunch of cool and delicious little grapes. So the entire campus is floating a trace of attractive Sophora japonica fragrance. We live in the meantime, happy reading, happy growth.
After a period of time, Sophora japonica withered, and that piece of white flowers falling down, a drop on the campus. That white acacia flowers flying over the campus, but also so beautiful.
Summer is coming, the leaves on the campus of the tree is also longer and larger, filled the whole branch, then the leaves of green trees in the tall, dense, add to the campus a large green umbrella, we are in the green Pleased to play in the shade.
Autumn is coming, and the green leaves on the Ash tree on campus slowly begin to change, turning pale green and yellow into yellow leaves. I am sad, but this tall, The tree can still accompany me.
Winter arrived, and I saw the Ash tree on the campus, yellow leaves falling in the wind, that piece of flying in the wind, like a butterfly only yellow. That scene is still so good-looking. In the end, the tall Ash tree leaves bare leaves without green leaves. I am sad. As soon as it snowed, the tall Ash tree was once again a fantastic sight. It is “Suddenly a night of spring breeze, thousands of trees pear tree bloom.”
I love locust trees on campus.
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Part V: The snow in the campus
On the evening of January 3, 2018, the first snow of southern China was finally ushered in.
People say spring rain expensive oil, I said winter snow is more expensive as oil. Because the climate in the south rarely see the snow.
Snow falling at night models, gentle, agile. It is constantly piling up, setting, in the dead of night, creating a pure silver world. The next morning, snow dance accompanied by rain. Although the snow is not so overwhelming northeast spectacular, but for our children like snow, that is the gift of God. We look at the snow in the campus, not much worse than the heavy snow in the northeast of silver.
Next to the sixth grade classroom, is a piece of Orangery, Chuk Yuen, mixed with a few from the wax tree. Bamboo snow pressure, but also can not stop the clank of bamboo, Green Tsui and echoed snow, actually a bit cute. Refreshing, I have to praise bamboo’s vitality and active. Blooming plum blossoms surrounded by snow, more and more appear ice-cream jade, noble atmosphere, faint fragrant with the wind floated from the snow.
The bell rang “Let’s catch the snow!” The students roared, no matter in the first grade, out of the classroom, no matter in the first grade. Students into the snow curtain, ran into the Chuk Yuen, Orangery Lane, won the snow, regiment into a group, saw one hit a. The sky across one after another bright white arc, embraced with laughter. “Snap” to cry, snowball hit a classmate body. “You wait!” Smashed people take advantage of the snowball thrown out, just proud of who, who suddenly blooming snowflakes. So, we spontaneously dodge, surprise attack. Some played a “guerrilla war”, holding a handful of snowballs in his hand, attacking while running. Students upstairs can only lie on the windowsill guardrail, enviously watching students on the first floor of the snowball fight, from time to time to cheer for them.
“Oh!” A student was hit, was about to fight back, but one foot stepped on the ice and fell, stamina rubbed his ass fell to stand up.
“Ha ha ha … …” There are several girls upstairs pointing at him laughing.
“You, you wait!” That classmate waved his fist, then a large ball of snowball, straight upstairs threw. Snowball across the air, directed at the girls ran. Squatting a few girls homeopathy, snowball just thrown into the corridor.
“Children’s shoes, Hello lou ah!” Several girls quickly smash the snowball together, thrown towards him.
Snow has a slight wind. The snow on campus came from the hands of the students. They are passing on their youthful vigor and hope of the spring.
“Beep ring”. After the bell, again heard the sound of letters, resounded through the entire campus.

The Love of Snows

Article one: the warmth in the snow
Because of my parents’ work, I started living with my grandmother from the age of one. Although I have now returned to my parents, my grandmother warmly greets me from morning to night and takes pains to take care of my situation.

I was six years old that year, I remember too old Taiji stay in the area not very close to us. Grandma often take me to see her elderly. However, because at that time the family conditions were not very good, in order to save some fares, every time we walked, walked back.
That day, eating too dinner in the grandmother, see the snow outside it has begun. Because the grandmother will go to work early tomorrow morning, they hurriedly lead me to go home to take the snow. The snow outside the next bigger, but also suddenly blowing a strong wind, this blizzard can not see ten meters away. Go a short period of time, I can not stand the cold, crying cold with the grandmother. My grandmother touched my cold little face with my hands, apart from anything else put my cotton coat off, wear on my body, but also help me fasten the buttons. However, the snow is too big, did not go far, I actually was blown on the face of the step unsteadily. I stopped, did not cry, I cried with cold feet. Grandmother distressed, squatting down, one in my arms, face expression and painful look to me: “Good grandson, do not cry, grandmother hug you go home.” Now I recall the scene, I I feel like crying, but it hurts her heart. She hugged me, quickly stood up, walked slowly in the snow surrounded. Along the way, my grandmother did not know how many sentences I “still cold?” I do not know how many times slipping. Whenever the foot slipping, she subconsciously hold me, afraid of falling to me. I vaguely remember the sweat wet grandmother who, but in the cold snow, grandmother must be tired.
Into the home, grandmother had not had time to rest to the furnace heater. Grandma and other busy finished, before sitting on the sofa. At this point she has not forgotten about me and said: “Grandma took the fire with it for a while to be warm!” I found my grandmother’s face was red at this time, and when I touched my grandmother’s face with my hand, I found out that she The face and head are hot. I understand that grandmother must be to prevent me from being cold, I was frozen cold. Grandma so lying on the bed for a few days because of a cold. Fortunately, I would still feel distressed, to help grandmother pour medicine, otherwise, today I will feel more owed to grandmother.

It Snows All The Time
Now, every day of heavy snowfall, although far away from the current situation, but go to school, after school on the road, always feel a special kind of warmth, that kind of warmth no one can feel.
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Chapter II: moving in the snow
Snow has arrived. The whole world is thick black, ears wind through the wind, can reach out to touch the flying snowflakes. Two or three street lights along the road still flashing a faint white light, it seems like to expel this thick dark night. The ending is yes, the world laughed at it.
There is a short distance between home and the station, in the past, you always carry me through. In that small rear seat on the electric car, how many shuttle with our seasons, spent much time! Today, however, it is my own walking on this long street, refused to turn back. Perhaps I grew up, no experience, lack of experience, but have their own ideas, learned to quarrel with your mouth, sternly relative. Now, I was regrettable, in this dark night, suddenly remembered those days when the quiet days, thinking of gentle water you, thinking of growing up … … I tightened the body of the coat , Carrying a heavy bag, continue to stumble forward to go. Just a moment, panic and helpless together in my heart. Until now it was discovered that in this snowstorm, I have only this cavity loneliness.
But the snow is still quietly underground, quietly in the world between heaven and earth, quiet accumulation, it seems that will have been so annihilated the Red. Once upon a time like to see the lights shine warm orange light 氤 氲 In this snow-capped look, do not have a dim beauty. Turned back but found that you are walking behind me pushing the car, the snow has made your shoulder white. I reached out to your clothing snowflake, all of a sudden like this has been with you go down, look at the huge impulse that day. You smiled and said, “Now it’s snowy tomorrow, and why do not you wait for me?” I opened my mouth but did not know what to say. Thought, but did not get on the familiar seat, but reach out to encircle the person in front: “Let me take you, in front of you, shelter for you the weather and snow.”
Some of you stared, apparently did not think I would say, but still sitting in the back seat, his arms around my waist. Sitting in the back seat you nagging brokenly, told me to study hard, listen to the teacher at school. Suddenly, the wheel slipped and interrupted the next sentence that you have not yet exported. But suddenly I remember, in the past how many snowy night, you are so with me to go to school. It’s always been so steady, I let the back seat mischievously, but never slipping …
Wind in this silence of staggered overlap, it seems to hear the sound of snow falling on the ground. Always think they are a lonely courage, stumble on the road to growth, isolation, but never noticed, in fact, you are already in front of me, for me to split the thorns and darkness. So when I met you, I found out that I saw all the beautiful things. But I do not know, that was touched by life bit by bit.
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Chapter III: stick in the snow
On the twelfth lunar month twenty two, my parents and I gave my grandparents a birthday in the country.
I do not know since when the lead gray sky began to snow. A piece of snowflake is like a white butterfly flying in the air, sometimes bound by the wind deviated from the direction. The snow grows bigger and bigger, like a down, like a cluster of free fall fall like a cluster. Soon the earth was covered in thick cotton jacket, the trees on the roadside were also covered with an assault coat, standing like a dutiful sentry, and even the car was coated with white cream and the entire pavement submerged in this white world.
I think the next morning the ice will delay the work of the road, so my father decided to rush back to the county. I ate the cake and looked out the window of the snowflakes raging and dancing, I thought about the upcoming journey back to the city, there is a mid-section of the slope, my heart wondering – can really go home smoothly?
Back to the city on the road, my father drove the car very slowly. The car on the road crawls slowly like a snail. To Changan town slope, the team has been completely stagnant. In the distance, a few uniformed people were busy around a car with four bold characters clearly visible on their reflective vests – the traffic policeman.
A traffic police uncle in front of the car to the driver to do the boot tips, a few traffic police uncle at the rear of the car was bent over and pushed. It turned out that the snow on the pavement was crushed into snow, causing the wheel to slip and climb not uphill. In traffic police uncle’s help, this car finally climbed to the top of the crooked. The silent convoy was reactivated as it was and began to move again. When we passed the top of the hill, my mother seemed to be moved, saying, “Thank you,” said the uncle’s face, blooming in the cold wind and smiling. “It is our duty to ensure the smoothness of the road and the convenience of transportation. Please pay attention to traffic safety on snowy day and drive carefully. I wish you all the best. ” At this moment, my heart swelled in a stream of warmth and seemed to forget the cold in the snow …
New Year, when we bathed in happiness and peace in the reunion, we must not forget the existence of a group of people like traffic police uncle. It is they stick to their posts in the snowstorm, silently dedication, it has made our happy life. Let’s pray for their dedication!
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Piece Four: snow mother
Maternal love is the greatest love in the world, making the most indispensable love in the child’s life. In my memory, mom is the one who loves me most in my family. I am sick, my grades are not good, etc., are my mothers anxious for me to worry about.
In the depths of my memory, there is a scene like this: In the middle of the night, a mother carries heavy snow goose feathers, hugging her child in a hurry and walking. This mother is my mother, which is how the same thing?
It was when I was 5 years old, one night in winter, my father was on the night shift, I suddenly started a fever, my moan awakened my mother, and quickly put on a dress and ran to my bed and looked See what’s wrong with me She touched my forehead with her hand and found my head was hot. She immediately put on her and my clothes, and wrapped me in a coat, and rushed out of the house with me. Outside is under heavy snow, like a goose feather snowflakes were flown around. Mom was supposed to make a car to go to the hospital, where can I see the car? Looked like I was afflicted with pain, my mother distressed. She could not wait, put me hugged again, ran to the hospital facing the snowstorm. Snow under a lot of snow to the mother’s body called, until the hospital, mother’s body and head full of snow. My mother did not attend the snow on the body, hurriedly hung up the number, to the emergency room, the doctor a volume of my body temperature: “ah! 39 degrees 5, to hang water.” Mom hurried to pay for medicine. In the infusion room, I sat in my chair and watched my busy mother busy. Because of the snow melting relationship, the mother’s body, the head is wet, my mother did not take care of rub until my burned back, my mom to nurse aunt to a few sheets of paper on the water wipe Dry. Later, my illness was good, my mother was sick because of the cold.
Mom’s love is selfless love, Mom’s love forget my love. I can not forget my mother’s hurry in the snow figure, I can not forget her mother ran in the hospital running, wet body head figure, forget my mother for my sick sick look. I want to say to my mother: “Mom, I love you!”

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A Droplet of Water

Water- A Fluid Flow In My Life | Fluid Dynamics

Article one: a drop of water travel
I was a drop of water droplets, in a lightning thunder night, I fell in the valley. Wow! The air in the valley is really fresh! Around the flowers, grass are greeting me: “Hey, welcome to the valley!” I am very happy, all the way to a small river bounce. Small fish in the creek, shrimp are happily playing, I also want to play with them, they jumped into the river. Since then, I became a part of this small river.
I sing and play with my buddy everyday. A long time, I want to see the outside world. So, I traveled all the way, swimming in a big lake. However, the scene in the great lake surprised me. The rubbish here replaces the fish shrimp, my old friend was changed face by the lake.
I then swim forward, swim to the river, the scene in the river even more I was taken aback. The river is very muddy, small fish shrimp are swimming. At this moment, I saw a little turtle and went swimming and asked: “Little turtle, how can the river here be so muddy?” The little turtle replied: “Look at this big river, there are many factories, The sewage in the factory was drained into the river, we can not live, I have to go. “Finish, walked.
Read the lake, the scenery of the river, my travel spirits has dropped to the extreme. But I also want to go to the sea to see, I hope I see the sea is clear, fish shrimp are swimming in joy. So, I swim into the sea. However, the reality of the sea is turbid, dead fish everywhere on the surface of the dead shrimp. I am very sad, how I want to go back to that small river ah!
Another thunder and lightning, I returned to the little river. However, everything changed there, the river became muddy, the river was rubbish, and my friend either went to asylum or died. I can not live without my life anymore.
After this trip, I would like to say to human beings: “Please do not pollute the water again. Do not let the last drop of clean water on earth become your tears.”
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Chapter two: a drop of water travel
Hello, I am a drop of water, I want to explore the world, so I started my trip.
I came to Hanada, see flowers almost thirsty, I hurriedly gave a little water, give the flowers. I came to the laundry, along the water baby onto the soap slides, so happy ah. Suddenly it rained, I feel very excited, because there are countless small drops of water around, everyone frolic in the rain. Suddenly, I found out that I grew up, and a whole lot of dust came to me, again dividing me into many droplets. Together we went forward and walked into a sponge house. In the house, the sponge combines us again. The dust was angry and burst, pushing me out of the room. Next to a hose out of the water, I am very happy, playing a surfing, quickly left the dust.
At this time, hunger ran toward me, just as I saw a piece of candy, I opened his mouth full of three mouths, the body seems to have changed, I no longer a drop of water yet? I seem to have become a drop of “syrup.” Go to the science lab and see if I can change back? The experimenter dropped me and the syrup with the funnel, and I thought I seemed to have changed again, no longer transparent, with color, I think I now is a drop of colored syrup it! Am I still a water drop? In the lab, I dreamed I had been on the snowy mountain before, and it was so cold. I was frozen into ice with other drops of water. The experimenter put me in another container, and in a moment she became steam and kept rising. I encountered a lot of water droplets in the trip, we became a cloud together. More and more droplets, cloud of rain, I met a beloved water girl, we live together, with many children, brought to the sea, live a happy life, I finally returned to my home – the sea.


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The Sweet Strawberry

Strawberry - Fruits And Vegetables

Article one: sweet strawberry
On an early summer morning, birds sang in the trees and crickets tweeted on the grass. The weather in summer is hot, the sun prince unceremoniously sprinkled on you, the wind seems strike like, did not blow a while.
It was a hot summertime, Mom and I decided to go take a care at Strawberry Park. I am very excited, jumping, jumping, happy to the extreme. After dinner, we came to the strawberry garden. Hey, it’s weird why there is not a tree in the strawberry garden, how can I pick it? Looking down, only to find that a large red strawberry filled with a large, wandering in the strawberry seedlings. Strawberry seedlings are not high, unlike cornstalk, upright in the ground. Strawberry seedlings have many stems, stems stick out a stick, covered with decorated ruby ​​strawberry. The leaves of the strawberry seedlings are very lush. One strawberry grows like a “green hat” on the head. Strawberries are covered with strawberry seeds, like eyes, stars and blinks. Strawberry shapes are varied, oval, love-shaped, and round, really lovable. Take one, carefully observed, but also found that strawberry covered in many fine hair, hairy, straight people love! Strawberries are really bright colors, red, white, and green, of course, this is not cooked. The owner of Strawberry Garden said that the variety of strawberries, there are Mingbao, Mbao, Po pay, Dana, really everything, ah, today can be considered a long experience! I started frantically pulling one big strawberry into the basket and stopping it until my mum stopped, and I ended the strawberry trip!
After saying that, I began to taste their achievements. Pick up a large strawberries, wash, bite a small mouth, strawberry juice to my heart, my heart is still more sweet than filling honey. Looking at these big, red fruits, I figured out the hard-working peasant uncle, which is the fruit of their labor. “Who knows Chinese food, grain are hard.”, We must cherish the fruits of peasant uncle, do not waste!
My mum pulled me out of the strawberry garden in an indifferent way, and I still reluctantly leave. The sweet strawberry is still spinning in my mind. Ade, strawberry, ade, strawberry garden.
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Chapter two: May’s strawberry
May Day is coming, I remembered the strawberries in my house.
My family planted three-quarter strawberries. Leisure time, I went to the strawberry to stroll. In the cold winter, even the days of heavy snowfall, the leaves of the strawberry are red except for the green, without any dryness, which amazes me with its heavyness. In the early spring, people also wear thick coat, look at the strawberry everywhere, do not know what time has quietly grown a new green leaves. In a matter of days, the verdant leaves covered one place. Blossoming among the greenery white flowers are also covered with a crystal clear, just like stars.
Strawberry management on the slopes, his father just watering, fertilizing, weeding, never have to worry about insect infestation, because strawberries never live insects. This is the greenest fruit.
Although it is spring, but the weather is still cold, apricot, peach blossoms are just flowers, strawberry flowers have withered, knotted green strawberry fruit. Strawberry fruit is very green, porcelain is very real, with pinch not move. I think this is after winter tempering, strawberry fruit has a good body bar now!
Strawberries grow very fast. May Day, strawberry berries began to mature. Looked at that place strawberry, leaves lush, invisible land, dodging under the leaves of a big small strawberry began to turn from blue to green. The sunshine at this time has been insane, the number of red berries grow rapidly. I was carrying a small bowl with my son, cat waist, search for ripe strawberries under the leafy strawberry. Back home, take off the strawberry pedicle, washed with freshly drawn water, mixed with sugar, to his mouth to send, so sweet and sour, so cool, refreshing.
Strawberries mature more and more, despite how greedy I eat with my son can not eat, and his father will go to sell strawberries.
Every afternoon, the sun shines on the earth, parents picking strawberries. Strawberry picking is very hard. To squat on the ground, pulled a strain of strawberry plantlets, looking for red strawberries in the green leaves. Finished one, carrying the basin move forward. One afternoon, my parents crouched and moved like that, so they always had leg pains. Pick a strawberries need a few hours, parents have to squat in the strawberries for a few hours, so people who buy strawberries will never be able to understand the hard harvest of strawberries.
However, looking at the green leaves covered with red, green strawberries, one after another, piles, our hearts are still full of joy, while picking strawberries side and the same strawberry picking neighbors talked about where to go tomorrow , Where to sell a good price. Sometimes picked up an extra-large red ripe strawberries, attend to cleaning quickly rushed into his mouth, an instant sour sweet overflowing between the teeth.
May mature fruit less, the price of strawberries good. Father with two baskets of strawberries to the market when the sky is not yet bright, sell two or three yuan a pound, after lunch back home counting sporadic tickets, always more than 100 yuan, returned to us in exchange for eggplant, peppers or sesame seed.
Sixty-one days have come, the ground can not find the strawberry fruit. Strawberries exhausted from the winter savings so far, the leaves gradually dry. But I know that in winter, it will be full of energy and strength to accumulate growth in the cold wind.